Teams that play together, work together. Seating plan not only knows how to drive success, but also how to create a winning culture.

The relationships you see in the office are only the tip of the iceberg. To fully appreciate the qualities your employees or colleagues possess, you need to see them outside of the office environment. Far from wasting time, Team Building activities enables your team to develop new ways of working together, based on a fresh view of each other talents and abilities. Putting groups of people together in new, fun or unusual settings, in which they depend on each other’s individual strengths and attitudes to work through challenges and problem-solving has immensely powerful consequences. Only then will everyone be able to decide how best to exploit this potential and work effectively together to maximise the team’s efforts.

Whether staged in an exotic setting or one closer to home, these extraordinary events deliver uncommon results, so expect astonishing outcomes. At Seating plan our aim is to create and deliver extraordinary experiences that excite, motivate, unite and inspire people. We provide expertly tailored outdoor leadership, corporate team building and management development programs. These include facilitated problem solving activities plus adventure learning. We do it all: Company retreats, sales conferences, continuing professional development, annual meetings, client and intern events, orientation programs, networking, educational events and even celebrations and one-of-a-kind events created expressly for your organization.

Facilitated activities cater for groups from 5 to 300, and our friendly and knowledgeable facilitators will help you bring out the best from your best. Each program is fully customized, with a number of clearly defined goals. First we help you clarify your needs and objectives. Then we design a bespoke team building programme to meet those needs – within your budget, to your timescale and at a location that suits you, not us. From then on it’s our job to make sure that all the pieces fall into place, from sourcing the venue to providing a minute-by-minute itinerary for you. The active nature of our team building turns theories into practice so that lessons learnt can be put to work the very next day. The result is an unforgettable experience that drives genuine teambuilding success and will galvanize your organization


Our insistence on refusing to ever settle for run of the mill, means we are continually looking for new and better methods to foster personal and professional development The results are life-altering, career-defining leadership breakthroughs that become possible when training is an experience with its own spirit of adventure.